The Riverside Area Veteran Expo (RAVE)  Veteran Stand Down is one day event. This year Stand Down was held on September 28, 2018 at March Air Force Base. Veterans in need throughout Riverside and San Bernardino counties can come to and receive the critical help they need.


Homeless Veterans Stand Down. The term “Stand Down” comes from times of war, when exhausted soldiers requiring brief periods of rest were removed from field combat to a safe, secure place. Veterans experiencing homelessness still live in conditions that mimic combat situations, living on the streets and often near exhaustions, without the services they need to survive.  The county of Riverside local Veterans leadership added the term Resource Expo in conjunction with Stand Down. The Resource Expo portion of the Stand Down provides additional service beyond the standard homeless Veteran needs.  A Sandown Event provides the access to services that will help veterans get to a safer and more secure place live.



Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Homeless Veterans service event.  Facilitate, manage and conduct a countywide Stand Down. Veterans come and learn about benefits, medical and dental services, housing, counseling, legal, employment, training, education, credit counseling, pet care and business development services available to them and receive military surplus clothing and equipment. Provide breakfast and lunch. Free haircuts, free medical checkup.


Foster Community awareness of the needs of homeless Veterans.  Documented registration of services provided to at least 50-100 Veterans.  Increased awareness by 25% RNHF through documented contact of service availability, increase awareness of community resource, educate and collaboration.


Decrease the number of homeless Veterans without services in Riverside and San Bernardino counties by 25%. Treat 50-100 Veterans who are homeless or who are in the at-risk population.  Increase RNHF collaborative partnership support of Riverside County Veterans Services Department efforts to eliminate Veterans crisis issues.  Provide Veteran follow up with after Stand Down with resource support.

Stand Down 2018   "THE MISSION CONTINUES"   

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